It’s the end of Season 1 of Popping Collars and we’re looking back over the last 24 episodes.  21 people have a giant conversation about religion and pop culture.  See you in Season 2!

Musical Interlude Credits: “Guilty” by Jahzzar (, “Breaking Bad” by Jahzzar (, “Every Damn Day People” by BrokeMC (, “I’m Letting Go” by Josh Woodward (, “Still Balling” by Tricky Diesel (, “Time Flux” by Revolution Void (, “Roads that burned our boots” by Jahzzar (, “Bad Sign” by Brad Sucks (, “Outta My Head” by Shad + Skratch Bastid (, “History Repeats” by Josh Woodward (

Season 1 Theme: “Zombie Nation” by Jose Travieso (